IT Solutions Pro is an IT Services Company in Wichita, Ks offering smart, Computer and IT Services and Business Solutions. Our team of trustworthy, IT Professionals are knowledgable, experienced and committed to supporting you! We take the pain out of IT by providing services and solutions to improve productivity, mitigate risk and reduce costs, while providing peace of mind! So, you can worry less and live more! Contact us to reserve a free* IT Consultation!

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 Welcome to the Information Age! The Information Age best describes today because it is characterized by our increased knowledge and our ability to instantly access and freely transfer data. Today, our economy and society function on data manipulation, information sharing and information technology, which can make living and doing business complicated and confusing! So, have you got a plan for accessing the kind of advice and assistance needed to handle IT issues, difficult business decisions, unexpected legal problems and everyday life events? We do! Thanks for the opportunity to serve you and/or for your generous gift or prompt payment!

As your business grows so will your IT requirements. Depending on your business model, you may need newer computers, hardware and software updates, upgrades, installations, repairs and/or better communications capabilities.

IT Solutions Pro can handle all your IT needs keeping downtime, and expenses to a minimum.